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Captain Eric & the Shipwrecks

Rockin' the Jersey shore and beyond since 2012!

Available for a variety of events & venues!



We are a professional, energetic, fun, and finely tuned machine that cranks out hit after hit, medley after mashup, while ripping through all genres seamlessly. Nothing is out of our realm of expertise and we pride ourselves on our keen musical sensibility. Top 40,  the classics, funk, country, Hip Hop, alternative rock, etc. We play it all!  Our passion is making music and delighting audiences everywhere we go. Every set list is tailored to the crowd and what they are feeling that night. We play every show as if it were our last, leaving everything we have on the stage. From the first note to the last, it's all about maximum effort, energy and fun!Bring your dancing shoes because you will be in for a wild ride! You're about to get SHIPWRECKED!!



Sometimes life calls for something light, acoustic, and laidback. That's where the Shipwreck Duo steps in!! (though we don't always have to be laid back!!)  The Shipwreck Duo is the acoustic version of the full band, but with a completely different setlist and some changes to our instrumentation. While we still pull from our full band catalog, we engage our audience with a wide variety of music that allows us to break out the banjo, mandolin, hand percussion, etc. Our musical range is still extremely diverse, as we play everything from reggae to hip hop to country to classic rock and everything in between creating the perfect evening to relax, unwind, enjoy a cocktail and take in some awesome acoustic tunes.



Available with Eric as a Solo Singer/Guitarist or with Steve for Solo Instrumental Acoustic Guitar. 

Looking for an amazing instrumental version of your favorite song for your wedding ceremony?  What about a more traditional wedding ceremony with classics from Wagner, Mendelssohn, and Bach? Our guitarist, Steve Schaefer, has you covered. Steve is a classically trained guitarist and has been crafting amazing guitar transcriptions for weddings and private events since before we started playing weddings as a band. 


We are proudly sponsored by

Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rum

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